Come Alive, Like Never Before.

On Avatar World.

Avatar World

A new way for performers to engage mobile audiences.

We record your video and stream you as a 3-dimensional avatar.

You will appear in front of people, wherever they may be, in augmented reality.

With your song. Your story. Your message.

You'll make a one to one connection.

And get their undivided attention.

Like never before.

Immersive Ad-free Engagement

95% of views watch a full minute avatar and 85% click the call to action button at the end.

Online Campaigns

Promote your avatars online with a trackable deep-links,and get all the data you need to measure success.

Viral Growth

Viewers share your avatars from inside the app to friends and family, growing your audience.

Here's how it's done

We record your performance and deliver your avatar in our mobile app. You promote your avatar to your online audience. We’ll make it easy for you in 3 steps:




Who owns my content?

On Avatar World, you are the publisher, we are the distributor.

You own your content. And you'll need to obtain the rights to use anyone else's content

You are free to stop using Avatar World at any time

You're able to make your avatar live or private whenever you wish

You'll be granting us the right to record your performance and distribute your recording


Here's what you need to know.

Right now, we have a promotion. The next 30 publishers to sign up and book a shoot get their avatars and 10,000 streams for free over a six month period. That’s right – free.

Singers, musicians, comedians, storytellers have all delivered successful performances as avatars. Imagine standing in front of someone for a minute and entertaining them. Most importantly, be yourself.

Yes. Keep your performance to a minute or under. We found short and sweet works best. You’ll be performing to the camera. You’ll have a choice of standing or sitting on a stool. Either way you’ll be stationary. If you are a duo, you’ll be close together.

This is a green screen shoot; avoid wearing anything green, of any hue. Linens and cotton clothes in solid colours work best. Avoid reflective clothing. Eye glasses reflect light; wear contacts. You’ll have access to a change room.

We book 90 minute slots. You can probably get 2 to 4 unique avatar performances done in that time.

Yes. You’ll have to answer the following questions at the time of book:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Best number to reach you.
  4. Are you performing solo or duo?
  5. How many people will be coming? (We allow a maximum of 2 performers plus 1 guest in the studio at a time, due to social distancing. )
  6. How tall are you and the other performer, if relevant. Include your height with the shoes you will be wearing.
  7. How many unique performances do you expect to do?
  8. What are the names of the avatar performances? (Eg. it can be the name of the song.)
  9. What do you want the call-to-action button(s) to say at the end of your avatar(s)? (Learn More, Contact Me, Join Me, Subscribe, Donate, Buy Now are some options)
  10. What url(s) do you want viewers to go to when they click the call-to-action button?
  11. Please tell us about your performance(s). For example, will you be playing an instrument?  Singing over a playback track? Telling a story? Using any props?
Got any other questions?

Avatar World

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