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For Venues, Designers and Show Planners

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Big shows are tough. Geogram XD helps you take control

We start by creating a scaled virtual replica of your indoor/outdoor event space and 3D models of your inventory. We then add powerful new functionalities so you can design and visualize your show in 3D with drag and drop ease. Whether you’re a venue, designer, planner or marketer, you’ll experience unparalleled benefits with Geogram XD.

Key Benefits

Geogram XD can help you differentiate your services and grow your revenues while saving clients time and money.

Save time and money

Get everyone in the same room, at the same time, to preview the event virtually and make decisions quickly. Our real-time collaboration is like Google Docs for 3D spaces!

Create a great experience

Guide attendees to their chosen events and appointments with precise AR wayfinding. No more missed meetings.

Increase revenues

Use our AR content marketing tools and create new sponsorship opportunities for you and your clients. Our templates make it easy.

A Seamless Experience

All Geogram products work together, making your journey from sales to show design to the day of the show a seamless experience.

Product Suite

Geogram Visualizer

For Venues

Geogram Visualiser transports customers to an authentic and immersive experience of your event space. Your venue will look simply spectacular. Provide us your floor plans and elevations in CAD and we will render them into scaled, photoreal 3D models and store them in your account. A perfect previsualization and sales tool for venues.

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Geogram XD

For Designers and Decorators

Our 3D spatial design and planning tools allow you to collaborate in real-time with your team, your venue partners, show planners, and customers. You’ll experience fewer delays and last-minute changes while delivering outstanding experiences.

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Geogram Mobile App

For Show Planners and Marketers

Deliver state of the art augmented reality wayfinding and experiential content marketing to attendees and valuable data to exhibitors and sponsors. The Georgam Mobile App is a module that integrates into your event app, generating customer engagement and new revenue streams.

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How We Help

Virtual Venues

We’ll produce a virtual replica of your indoor/outdoor venue, port it into the Geogram platform and turn it into a smart space.

Software Integrations

We’ll integrate Geogram with your current software applications, so that your experience is seamless.

Training & Support

We’ll show you best practices and troubleshoot any technical issues so you can focus on what matters most - your business.

Our Testimonials

When we were first approached with the virtual reality experience for Fort York... I definitely saw the opportunity... A great team. It's really played out in the way we expected it would.

David O'Hara

Manager, Fort York, City of Toronto

Serious skill, engineering prowess and forward thinking UI - the team delivered on every front. They are a unique force and ahead of the curve in every respect.

John Dolin

President, Rubber Match


About Us

We're a team of designers, engineers, scientists and executives who share a common belief: that by integrating the digital and physical worlds, we can solve significant human problems. As pioneers who started creating AR VR for mobile users in 2011, before it was a thing, we’ve patented new technologies, validated astonishing new user experiences, and have evolved highly efficient frameworks which others are only starting to figure out now. We invest in on-going R&D and take a human-centered, design thinking approach to developing products and solutions. The result? Our customers achieve better business outcomes. We advance our mission to improve our experience of the built environment, one place at a time.

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