Design and Deliver Events and Experiences Using a Venue's Digital Twin

Upload a scaled model of your location and collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere

Reduce Costs

Improve Efficiencies

Increase Engagement

Drive Revenue

If you design spaces or market onsite digital experiences, Geogram is for you!

Key Benefits

Increase Efficiency by 60%

Drastically reduce the time you spend diagramming, revising, and getting approvals.

Improve Customer Satisfaction - And Yours As Well

Reduce delays, errors and miscommunications.

Drive Revenues by Up to 20%

Previsualize and sell the experience before it happens.

A Seamless Experience

Products that work with you from sales to design to launch.

Digital Twins

Upload CAD or scans of venues and inventory and Geogram will provide you with digital twins hosted in your account

Spatial Designer

Design 3D site plans remotely with others using any device with drag and drop ease (VR coming soon!)

The Experience App

Design, schedule, and deliver digital experiences on the Geogram mobile app – It integrates with your event app.


Visualize your location with a digital twin hosted in the cloud.

No more file sharing. All your work remains in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime, by anyone you permit.
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Real Time Collaboration

Everyone can log in to the same space, at the same time if needed, and work together from anywhere.

Drag and Drop Design

Do a site plan in a fraction of the time and make changes with ease.
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(Coming Soon!)

Preview the Experience

Give clients virtual fly-throughs and walk-throughs. Preview designs on location in AR. Make last minute changes and get approvals fast.

(Coming Soon!)

Deliver Onsite Digital Experiences

Guide users with AR wayfinding. Provide immersive experiences and offers to increase engagement and drive revenue.
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(Coming Soon!)

Real Time Data

Understand user behavior and make informed decisions – on the fly if you need to!

We’re Here To Help

Digital Twins

Send us your floorplans and CAD models. We’ll produce a digital twin of your indoor/outdoor location, turn it into a smart space, and host it in your Geogram account.

Software Integrations

We’ll integrate Geogram with your current workflows, so that your experience is seamless.

Training & Support

We’ll show you best practices and support you whenever you need it, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

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During your Free Trial, we’ll take the time to assess your unique needs and provide a package that works for you. Let’s get started.


We initially built Geogram for ourselves in order to solve common problems we faced when designing spatial experiences. We’ve derived enormous value from our tools. We guarantee you will too.
You’ll continue losing time and money. You’ll continue using fragmented and cumbersome 2D applications to deliver 3D experiences. You’ll continue facing the same old problems – the challenge of visualizing an experience for clients, file versioning, sharing and tracking, errors, miscommunications, and last-minute changes, the list goes on.
After you sign up, you’ll upload your content to your account – 3D CADs or Sketch Up models or scans of your locations, movable assets and any media files. Once they’re in Geogram, you’ll be able to assign users and clients who can login to one of your locations, from anywhere, on any device. They can view the space and work together or individually with drag and drop ease. All work will remain in the cloud-hosted digital twin, accessible anytime, anywhere. Plus you can always export your plans to 2D PDFs and share them if you need to.
No problem. Send us accurate, up-to-date floorplans as well photos and dimensions of your inventory. We’ll make the models for you – at a reasonable price – and host them in your Geogram account.
We charge you monthly in a contract that guarantees terms and prices for one year. You can stop at any time without any penalties.
The best way is to start a Free Trial. We’ll provide you with a location, assets and media, along with a handful of user accounts, so you and your team can see how easy Geogram works right away.

Right now, Geogram is available for Windows 10 and macOS.

We’re a team of spatial experience designers, software engineers and AR VR pioneers. We’ve been producing immersive experiences at locations for eight years. We developed Geogram to make our jobs easier and more fun.
Drag and drop design will save you enormous amounts of time and money. Real time collaboration with users will drastically reduce errors, delays and miscommunications. Immersive previsualization of the spatial experience will drive more sales. More money, less stress, more joy for you and your customers — that’s what you’ll get.
Simply add users and clients to your account and Geogram will send them an email invitation. You can also invite Guests who can use only a few functions. All users create an account online and download the Geogram app to gain access to your assets hosted in the cloud.

Cost really depends on the volume of content we are hosting and streaming for you (the number and size of the locations, the number of assets) and the number of users. We’ll go over your needs with you and give a package price. There are no hidden fees. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying every month.

We provide telephone and online voice support Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm and email support the rest of the time.
Currently Geogram imports models from 3DS, AutoCAD 3D and Autodesk FBX, Inventor and Revit, OBJ, Point Cloud (E57, PTS, PTX), PDF and Sketchup. You can export from Geogram to PDF. We’re doing new integrations all the time. Let us know if you have other requirements and we’ll be happy to do it.