Physical Reality + Virtual Reality
Better Together

Physical Reality
Virtual Reality
Better Together

Plan, sell and manage onsite activities like never before.

Geogram is a spatial computing platform that employs virtual 3D replicas of physical locations – called Digital Twins – to help customers visualize, collaborate and work in physical spaces more creatively and efficiently.
Drive Business Growth

For industry sectors including retail, events and entertainment, Geogram allows physical businesses to deliver – and monetize – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) content that adds value to consumers’ real-time experience.

Bridge the Digital Divide
Online companies not only see what users buy but how they behave. Physical businesses have none of these advantages.
Geogram bridges this digital divide by turning physical sites into metaverse websites. Using patented AI technology on mobile devices, onsite interactions between people and goods are displayed in the metaverse, in real time. By effectively virtualizing operations at physical locations, Geogram improves enterprise bottom lines.

With Geogram, you can:

Design your space

Faster. Easier: Simply drag and drop assets into the Digital Twin.

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With Geogram, you can:

Design your space virtually

Faster. Easier: Simply drag and drop assets into the Digital Twin

Collaborate with your team

And your customers. In real time, or at your convenience.

See and communicate with mobile users onsite

Provide instructions and directions. Deliver targeted offers and other Augmented Reality content.

Run your business remotely

Collect data as it’s happening – and make better-informed decisions.

How We Do It

Solid engineering.
Simple to use.
Drag and drop. No code.
Geogram has been developed by a team of designers, engineers, and scientists who share a common belief: that by integrating the digital and the physical worlds, we can solve significant human problems. We initially built Geogram for ourselves in order to solve common problems we faced when designing spatial experiences, then leveraged its advantages to create tools with enormous value in a wide range of industries.

The Geogram Advantage

Save Time

Reduce travel, waste and cost overruns

Save Money

Less time on location, faster delivery

Improved Planning

Increase collaboration, reduce friction

Greater Sustainability

Optimize operations, reduce travel & emissions

Enhanced User Experience

Deliver meaningful AR and VR content

Smarter Business

Get real-time data to drive business decisions

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can do for you

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From building out your Digital Twin to training your team – and your clients – Geogram will be with you every step of the way.

Geogram in Action

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Yonge-Dundas Square


For this one acre outdoor space in the heart of downtown Toronto, Geogram worked with the city’s event coordinators to implement a remote event planning solution. Every year, the Square hosts thousands of events ranging from community festivals to product launches, international celebrations and more.


Property Management

Geogram, in partnership with IoT platform Nauvelis, designed a pilot project for southern Europe’s largest urban renewal project, which would allow city managers to capture environmental data and control public lighting throughout Marseille’s Fabriques District.


“Rather than operating the elements separately, you control your environment from a single 3D visualization platform. An intuitive interface easily allows you to not only see in real time but also to control, via the 3D interface, all the sensors, measuring and interaction devices in real installations. This centralized solution allows different services to share data and make better decisions faster. The automation of actions facilitates the global management of the environment by ensuring real-time monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


Consumer Loyalty/Rewards

Geogram is integrating its interactive Digital Twins with this crypto-rewards loyalty platform powered by Boson Protocol, to bring NFT based rewards and incentives to the retail experience. NiftyKey enables traditional and crypto businesses to offer real-world products and services as rewards to their customers using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Boson Protocol is a decentralized infrastructure for connecting smart contracts with real world commerce and its data.



In partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, UK (AMRC), Geogram is working to introduce interactive Digital Twins to the factory floor, and is building a consortium to explore the use of Discrete Event Simulation within the manufacturing environment. The AMRC is a world-leading innovation centre sponsored by Boeing, Rolls-Royce, McLaren Automotive, BAE Systems and Airbus to develop smart factory solutions for adoption by Enterprise and SMEs.

Discover how Geogram can help your business.

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Discover how Geogram can help your business.

Contact us in the chat.

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