Geogram Visualizer

A Great Experience

For you and your customers


You sell and manage space. Here’s how we help.

We start by creating a "virtual replica" of your indoor/outdoor venue so you can visualize and present your space in 3D. We then add powerful new functionalities so that, in a matter of days, your venue becomes a "smart space," giving you and your customers extraordinary new capabilities with unparalleled benefits.

Sales will go up

Rapidly create 3D layouts and wow your prospects. Preview their show with fly-throughs and attendee walk-throughs. Show them what their show could be. With Geogram VR, you’ll accurately set customer expectations and help your designers exceed them.

Customer satisfaction will go up.

As a Geogram venue, your customers can take advantage of our state of the art wayfinding in their mobile apps. Our patented augmented reality technology draws a line from the attendee’s location, through the event space, to their destination. No more missed speakers, no more missed meetings. When their customers are happy, your customers will be happy.

Delays and last-minute changes will go down.

With Geogram XD, your customers can log in to your virtual 3D event space on any device, from anywhere, all at the same time, if required. Show your customers exactly what’s going to happen on the day, make changes in real time, and get all the approvals you need before the show starts. Save your margins and your stress-levels.

Key Features

Geogram Visualizer

  • Rapid 3D spatial event design
  • Templating
  • Flythroughs and walkthroughs

Geogram XD

  • Scaled 3D replica of venue
  • 3D models of inventory
  • Real-time collaboration by any number of users
  • Drag and drop layout design
  • Map programming schedule to event space
  • Preview in virtual reality on desktop, tablet and phone
  • Preview in augmented reality onsite
  • View and export as 2D floor plan
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to CAD (coming soon)

Geogram Mobile App

  • Augmented reality wayfinding in event space
  • Notifications of meetings, schedules and invitations to share contact info
  • Users can share their location in event space with other users using virtual beacons
  • Augmented reality content templates for easy AR content production and delivery
  • Data and analytics, including the number and location of users, their views, and vendors visited

Geogram XD can be easily integrated with the platforms you already use. And unlike other software, it’s super easy to use. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll show you.