About Us

Geogram was formed by the team behind the pioneering AR VR tech studio, AWE Company Limited.

Our mission is to improve our experience of the built environment, one place at a time.

We're a team of designers, engineers, scientists and executives who share a common belief: that by integrating the digital and physical worlds, we can solve significant human problems. As pioneers who started creating AR VR for venues and mobile users in 2011, before it was a thing, we’ve patented new technologies, validated astonishing new user experiences, and have evolved highly efficient frameworks which others are only starting to figure out now. We invest in on-going R&D and take a human-centered, design thinking approach to developing products and solutions. The result? Our customers achieve better business outcomes. It’s that simple.

Our Team

Srinivas Krishna

Founder & CEO

Dan Mills

Co-founder & CTO

Priam Givord

Chief Design Officer

Laura Thomas

Lead Software Engineer

Work We've Done

We have worked with massive organizations like the City of Toronto and start ups seeking to build an MVP. We have delivered large-scale story based experiences at locations and utility apps that simplify complex tasks. While each project posed unique challenges, they all required us to successfully introduce users to new ways of experiencing a place.

Clients and Partners

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